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It's cold!

February 5th, 2007 at 01:43 pm

Spent what we had planned to at the Funfest at the school on Saturday. Other than driving my oldest to work and church Sunday morning, we stayed home, as it was too cold to be out if we didn't have to be.

I made a very good soup yesterday. It started out being a 16-bean soup, and ended up being the means to clear out the freezer of several odds and ends of vegetables. I also tossed a bit of ham into it too. Kind of a bean-ham-vegetable soup - warm and hearty for our below zero weather of late, with leftovers for another future meal. Tonight's dinner is chicken stir-fry, using up leftover chicken.

My oldest told me that she think she needs new glasses (& maybe contacts this time.) We haven't used the vision part of our health plan before, and I'm not too thrilled with the provider list or their locations. We could go to our usual place, and just pay the out-of-network price. There is a mailorder option for the contacts, which may give us a discount. I guess I'll need to spend some time on the phone this week getting all the info gathered to make a good decision. Oh yay...

Trying to stay warm the past few days in some frugal and no-so-frugal ways. Our heat is turned up, we're wearing sweaters, socks and slippers, and cuddling under blankets on the couch and in bed. I took a warm bath each of the last three nights just to warm up a bit before bed. Even with lotions, my skin is raw from my warm baths and exposure to the weather. I'm ready for a bit of a warm-up - even a number above zero would be good!

Stay warm & take care!

Money in - that's staying in

February 2nd, 2007 at 12:18 pm

It's been a few days since my last entry - a busy week, I guess! I'm happy to say everyone went to school and work, every day this week. We are healthy again.

My brochure mailing was sent off without a hitch on Monday. I also volunteered to work an event a week from Saturday at the school. A bit extra on my paycheck.

I was paid on the 30th, and I transferred my whole check into our savings. I'm replenishing our EF (kind of our second one, as we also have a cushion in the checking acct.) With our medical expenses of the past year, that account was seeing heavy use. I'm glad it was in place to be used, but now with the medical expenses slowing down a bit (keeping fingers crossed,) I can finally take the opportunity to build it up again. I'll feel better with more $ in that account, with all the changes with my husband's company buy-out. He still has his job, plus there's been lots of OT, which he's grabbing up, while it's available.

We have a PTO fundraising event tomorrow to attend with the younger girls. Not my favorite thing to do, but the girls love it, so we'll go, of course.

Stay warm...take care!