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Tying up the loose ends

December 31st, 2010 at 06:29 am

Trying to get ready for back to school/work on Monday and for the new year!

Yesterday, I took my third daughter to the doctor - new prescriptions to mail off today. I also finished calling in the mail-order refills on the family's meds needing them. We're set for a bit, medical-wise.

My oldest took the opportunity of being home to go through her clothes. She filled three bags! The other girls went through them and pulled out what they wanted. I'll be heading past the donation place today, and will drop off this last amount for the year.

I've been going through the counter papers - still trying to find the "just right" system of dealing with them, but I guess as long as I go through the pile weekly, nothing gets forgotten or lost. It just bugs my organization sensibilities!

One of my errands today will be grocery shopping. I have a good list for Sam's, but I may have to make due at SuperTarget, if my other errands take a bit longer. Not my favorite activity, and it's probably going to be crowded today. Where the rest of this week went, I do not know!!

Otherwise, the week off has been wonderful, though always too short. Two of my girls and I went snowshoeing a couple days ago - such a perfect day and lots of fun. And it was a good thing we went that day, as yesterday it was in the 40s and raining all day! I can hardly wait to shuffle my way out to the van this morning with all the ice out there - just the walkways and driveways, at least the roads look fine. Crazy weather this year!

As for tonight, my oldest and a college friend are heading to another college friend's family's house a couple hours away and staying overnight (they will leave later this morning ahead of the snow, and hopefully return tomorrow afternoon when the roads will be good again.) My second girl's plans are still in the making, but likely a sleepover with friends. The youngest two will be home with mom and dad - so some fun food, games and a movie, then the two girls jostle us awake (we only rest our eyes a bit during the movie) to see the ball drop on tv, and we all head to bed :-)

Happy New Year!!

Enjoying the Break

December 29th, 2010 at 07:00 am

Christmas was very quick, but fun. The girls and I had school through the Wed before Christmas. I took a half day off Wed afternoon to finish up some errands like grocery shopping etc. Instead of that, I headed north to get my oldest from college, as all of her stuff didn't fit in the car she was coming home in (she goes back to a different apt after break and couldn't leave anything behind.) But we made it back safe and sound...and I shopped with the crowds the next day!

Christmas Eve was spent with my brother and wife at our house. After our own Christmas in the morning with the girls, we headed over the dad-in-law's, bringing tons of food, and met up with my husband's sister and family. Fun visiting all around - my voice was even hoarse from all the talking and laughing over the two days!

We've been enjoying our time off - my husband took vacation the last two days and headed back to work today. The girls and I have off the rest of this week. We've been sleeping in, eating, watching the new movies we got for Christmas, playing games, goofing around with the new toys (my youngest got Just Dance - 1st and 2nd - and that's been fun to do together, mostly because some of us (mom and dad!) are pretty lame dancers!!) Now we're getting into puttering mode - organizing and clearing out and finishing the undone. Love, love these breaks!

As mentioned above, my oldest is moving into a new apt, with a lease this time, for her 2nd term. We're helping her out with the 1st payment (rent and damage deposit), but otherwise with her campus job, a monthly amount grandpa sends and a little on our part, she's got rent and groceries pretty well covered. Her books will again be rented from Chegg, and her tuition will be the same as 1st term, as it maxes out on cost over a certain number of credits. She's been taking over that amount each term, and should be able to graduate after 3 1/2 years. She may not be so great at planning details like packing the car, but she does get the big picture at least!

Yesterday, we dropped off more donations. I've been going through some of the easy to ignore areas of my house. I checked out the wrapping drawers to see if we needed to replenish, but no need. I organized the pantry cupboard, as soon I'm needing to grocery shop again (the ham is almost done!) Things that were given to us that my inlaws could no longer eat, and had sat in our cupboard since the summer are being donated. We eat so differently that no one at my house could stomach the stuff - I feel like I should write sorry on the bag. Oh well, maybe others will enjoy it.

I'm seriously going to have to cut back on my holiday baking, as everyone is now baking and trading treats! I'm going to freeze up a bit to dole out in the girls lunches (it may see us through to the end of the school year!)

Before break, I applied for and got a new position at work. It's still the same classification, but instead of early childhood, I'll be working with special ed middle schoolers. I'm very excited to be there. All but three are students I worked with in their early childhood years and some in their elementary years too. I'm up off the floor and there's less diapering! I'll also have the same hours as my girls, as the time with them is so fleeting! I start next Monday, though I spent some time over there last week.

And the last of my current ramble - Santa brought me and my youngest each a set of snowshoes, and what fun they are! This is the year for them, with all of our snow. So far we've been trekking around in our yard, but will today be venturing to our county park a half mile down the road. The other girls are intrigued by the fun we've been having, so we'll rent some for them to try out. It should be fun!

Enjoy your day!