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Whirlwind Weekend

April 5th, 2010 at 06:02 pm

I picked up my oldest at college on Thursday, so she could work and spend Easter with us. On Friday, she worked, while the rest of us grocery shopped and cleaned the house. On Saturday, the family headed to Como Park Zoo, with ice cream at the Java Train Cafe in St. Paul. A free zoo and conservatory, coupled with gorgeous weather, made for a very busy place!

On Easter, I bucked the traditional ham dinner for a brunch. (Note to self - when doing something different, don't try out so many new recipes!) No one was left hungry, but it was a different way for us to celebrate Easter. What was I thinking?!

Along with the usual chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, my girls' Easter baskets (yup, they still humor me:-) included unfinished bird houses for our garden area. After cleaning up the brunch, we sat and painted very fancy bird houses. We have very crazy birds, who will resign themselves to nesting in them. (We did this a few years back, and figured no bird would come near them, but they did...and this garden is near the door we use all the time too!) Crazy houses for crazy birds!

After the artistry, we headed back north to take the oldest back to school. Too much driving...I so appreciate when she has a ride! Very happy she could be with us though.

Today, the three younger girls and I had the day off from school. It was errand day! It was also spend my money day. I got the state taxes (owed a little) ready to send off, mailed another mail-order prescription, did the bills and checkbook, went to the service center to get license tabs for two of our vehicles, and picked up reserved items at the library (at least this was free.)

I think I'll have to go back to work to relax. Well, not really, as I work with special ed preschoolers, but at least I get to spend time on the playground twice during the day! Next on my list is to reign in the spending a bit - this seems to be a spendier spring than normal.

(I'm trying for the first time to add a photo above - I'm having my daughter hold my hand through this process. I'm such a dinosaur with this all. I hope it works!)
Take care!

A Busy Start to April

April 1st, 2010 at 06:52 am

I'm taking a half day off to go get my oldest from college. I wasn't expecting her to come home, as she was here last week for spring break. She didn't have a ride, but how could I say no to wanting to be here? I figure soon enough the girls may all be scattered, so of course, I'll drive up and get her, so we can be together for this Easter. (Luckily her Friday class was canceled, so I'll start heading up at noon today, and be home for a late dinner.)

As far as Easter goes....I have only jelly beans, which is something, but not a lot. I haven't planned the meal yet, colored eggs, even decorated. Oh my! I need to get hopping! Good thing I'm off tomorrow.

We owe a little to the state for our taxes. The taxes are done and printed, but I want to get everything ready to mail out over the weekend. I also want to go over upcoming spending in the next couple of months - it's all sort of put together, but I want to make sure nothing is missed. (We have many unusual bills at this time of year, and we recently didn't receive two such bills in the mail. Though I caught them before they were late, it was close. I should have a better grip on what I should be expecting, but I also want to follow through at the post office in some way. I guess I'm feeling a little unsettled, so I need to make some lists. That always makes me feel better :-)

Have a great day! (It's going to be 78 today - we're skipping spring and plunging right into summer...I can dream!)