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It's out the door...

July 8th, 2007 at 11:11 am

Extraneous stuff, that is.

With my younger two daughters, I pulled out stuff from the garage attic space. Some was tossed, the rest was bagged up for donating, and what didn't fit into bags, went to the curb with a free sign posted. I know I could have held a garage sale, and made a little money on our cast-offs. With a lack of time and the consideration that these toys and items had gone through my four at the very least, I chose the easiest solution. Bit by bit, people have stopped to take away items.

The results - less stuff at my house and the fun of making a few families' day.

Goodbye, Little Tykes slide, picnic table, workbench and kitchen set. Farewell, bikes and trikes in many sizes small to large, ALL in pink and purple. Adios to everything else that found it's way to my house, but now, it's really time to move on.

Wow, I think I'm entering a new stage of my life (more like easing slowly into it, as my my youngest is 10 - ha!) Some things take time, I guess.

Take care!

How to keep busy, without really trying...

July 2nd, 2007 at 05:35 pm

I'm off from work this week, which is nice, as there seems to be many little things to keep busy with.

Last Friday, I called into my bank's automated system to find out the amounts of my and my husband's paychecks. Mine was surprisingly low for all the sub hours I put in the last two weeks of school. I called the school's payroll person, and oops, some of my hours hadn't been put through. Grumble, grumble. Luckily, she was able to contact who she needed to verify I did work, and a check was issued today. All's well, that ends well - but I'm keeping a keen eye on them.

We've been trying out a new medicine for my oldest for the last few months, and her doctor thinks we're ready to send out for mail-order. It's for a three-month period, but much cheaper for us, as it's only available as a namebrand. My oldest takes it twice a day, with the morning pill a lesser mg than the evening. When I looked over the prescription at home, the dr wrote it to look like we needed two separate prescriptions, which would double the costs of this expensive drug. I called up the mail-order pharmacy, and asked them about this. At first, I was told, it would be filled as two scripts. I pointed out that if they were the same mg, the dr would have just wrote the pill amount as double, and it would be one script. I asked that if I had the dr write the total dosage for the day, with instructions on the how much for morning and evening, would that work? The woman put me on hold to check, and she said to do that. Now, I know from dealing with a number of insurance companies through the years, that this may or may not work, as calls don't always guarantee what you get. But given the drug's cost (plus it's not the only medicine we pay for each month,) it's worth it to give it a shot. I called up the dr, and she rewrote the prescription. Tomorrow, I'll send it in with a check for the single script amount, and then we'll see...

In other news, my second passed her written drivers exam, and she has her permit now. My 'clutching the passenger door handle' muscles are still in good shape, as it wasn't all that long ago they were in use for her older sister.

My oldest turned 17 yesterday. She picked out a place to eat, and we had cake at home. Her birthday marks the end of 'birthday season' - the 6 weeks/3 birthdays time of year. 'Til next year...

Still have more of life's details for tomorrow...take care!