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July 24th, 2011 at 04:54 pm

....is what I call the weather today, and enjoy it we did! I just got back from a nice long walk at the county park with my husband. We're renewing our commitment to getting a bit healthier. As his mother died of colon cancer last Sep, my husband had his first colonoscopy done this week, and two polyps were removed. They aren't thought to be cancerous, but still.... We both could be doing better with regards to weight and exercise Smile

With last week's heat, we ended up installing and using our window a/c units. I'm not sure we'll want to see the electric bill, but are very grateful for the heat relief. It feels like the mirror image of our winter, as stuck in the house in hot or cold weather is still stuck in the house! Oh, and relief at the lake wasn't even refreshing as it felt like swimming in overly warm bath water (oh the memories of sharing a bath with my younger brother as preschoolers - ugh!)

Did clear out another few bags to donate. I also mailed out the old silver to Replacements. Their offer was good, and I just plain wanted it out of my house. The crystal and china didn't pan out as well, as the offers were not worth the cost to send out. I'll likely donate them on the next trip.

Another benefit to being in the attic was that one of the roof vents was found to leak (albeit only during the torrential downpours of late.) My husband recaulked all of the roof vents, as caulk is cheap compared to the damage of a leaking roof. Problem solved!

Cooking at home continues - cooking a whole turkey in the smoker today, and it smells delicious. We'll be eating off of it for a bit this week, plus we'll share the legs with my father-in-law (he loves them!)

Went to Sam's to stock up a little earlier today. I've been able to space out the grocery shopping quite a bit, which helps the budget immensely. I was forcing the issue of using up some of the food stores around here Smile Especially those special requests that family members say they'll eat, and then it languishes in the cupboard or freezer. Both are in better shape, so mission accomplished!

The tomatoes are taking forever to turn red! I've had fruit forming for quite a while, and can hardly wait to eat some. It's been funny with the rain though. I was thankful to have the latest rain, as the front was bringing relief to all the heat. It alternated raining hard and then not so hard, so I thought I wouldn't need to water my gardens. In he late afternoon, my husband comes in to tell me that the tomatoes need watering, and I'm thinking he's crazy. I checked, and they did! It must have rained too hard to soak in properly. What a weather year....

Enjoy your day!!

How fast and fleeting....

July 15th, 2011 at 07:11 am

...this summer is going! A friend and I have been meaning to get together all summer, and gosh, it's already half-way through July. So today we are meeting for coffee - finally!

Work continues on the clearing out project. We married in 1984, and bought our house in 1988. I'm kind of thinking the joke about moving often so as to not collect too much clutter rings very true :-) But there is progress, and another load will soon head out for donation.

A couple questions though - where can a limited edition signed print that shows decent value from a quick check on the internet be sold? Also, what about old (maybe antique)cameras and accessories? I have no experience with ebay, and is this even a very good economy to be selling in?

My husband did the work on the cars last weekend, and found more to do. The odyssey needs new brake pads (he can do) and an alignment (will schedule with the pros.) The accord needs a new serpentine belt, which he can do. The local auto store manager told us last week that he's has been beating old sales records of the past. Sales had been creeping up, and then he sold double last month from his highest ever record! Local shops and people are keeping their cars going for longer, I guess. I know it's true for us, and we're doing our part for his business!

Enjoy your day!!

Summer summary

July 8th, 2011 at 07:26 am

I've been so frustrated with my entries disappearing!!!! (ok, got that out...)

First, thank you to all who commented on my last entry. Yes, doctors are telling us the fainting is something she should outgrow. And we're back to good again - no fainting since the first week of June.

Besides losing typed entries to oblivion....

We've been in clearing out mode here. My youngest and I have been working our way through the remaining house attic space. I'm amazed how much in there was not bought by us (actually yay!) - most originates from my well-meaning and generous inlaws. We kept the spirit and gestures behind the gifts, but donated the physical items. The girls went through their rooms, and culled the unwanted also.

Items of more value have been set aside to see if we can sell. Replacements.com is interested in, and is writing up an offer, on a set of unused silver - I'm hoping it's a good one. If that works out, we have some china and crystal to part with. We also put out an email to a gallery on a signed limited edition art print that looks like it has some value. If that place isn't interested, I'm not sure where else to try selling it.

We also junked our oldest minivan - called a cash for junker place and they came and picked it up. I know it's silly, but I was a bit sad to see it go. It was my mom's car, which we took over use when she went into a nursing home. It had a long life, and served us all very well, with the girls sharing its use at the end.

On the spending side, we purchased with cash a used Honda Accord for the girls to use. My second girl will be commuting to school in August, and we wanted something reliable and fuel efficient. We used craigslist again (we bought the Olds that way a few years back.) Of course, the state is shut down, so no title transfers can be done on either the junked Plymouth or the new Honda - arg!

The Accord needs brake pads and rotors replaced, and my Odyssey needs an oil change and oil, air and cabin filters. My husband bought what he needed last night at the auto store, and will work on that this weekend. It's very handy having a husband who is handy :-)

On the plus side for not spending - since school has ended we've been stretching out the time between grocery shopping. I did a big Sam's run before my second's grad party the first weekend in June, and then did a small trip to Target a couple weeks later to stock up on milk and fruit/vegies. I'm stretching it out another couple days, and will head to Sam's again maybe on Sunday.

Of course any savings is already earmarked :-) We have nothing for the rest of July, so catching up a bit after the new car purchase. August has a bit more though! We have a camping trip to SD planned for the first week. Sport fees are due soon after - third girl is thinking of doing cheerleading again and youngest is doing tennis. Second girl starts school Aug 15, with the first payment due that day and the 15th of the next seven months. Back to school stuff later on in Aug (ugh to be talking of it already!) I have an OfficeMax reward of $44 (expiring at the end of July,) which will take care of the bulk of school supplies. The girls are petering out on the growing, so not much for clothes (plus they have jobs to supplement any whims beyond what I contribute.) The oldest's tuition and financial aid should be known sometime in Aug, though not due until Oct.

And my favorite little ways to save are still happening - I'm biking around in town for errands, combining and planning out the errands I need to drive to, hanging my laundry outside on the lines, and tending my little tomato plants (lots of little green fruit on the branches already!), plus cooking and eating at home. Nothing extraordinary, but it all helps out.

Enjoy your day!!