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Mother's Day Thoughts

May 9th, 2010 at 07:44 am

This will be the third attempt at this entry - very frustrating to lose it once I click publish and save. I notice Ceejay has mentioned this happening a few times - I hope it's not something against us Minnesotans!

The quick version - For the last month we've been dealing with a health issue for my youngest. It's been very slow going as to figuring out what is going on and eliminating what it isn't. I'm feeling that she is under the excellent care of a pediatric cardiologist (with many wonderful local resources available to us.) Still I can't help but feel that while so much is known in the medical field, there is a lot not known too. I'm kind of in that mode of don't mess with my littlest cub, though really, not a lot is in my control. Sometimes, patience isn't my strongest suit...you feel so compelled to do everything and anything to make it better for your child.

It feels like we're in slow motion figuring out things for my youngest, but the rest of our life is in hyperdrive. Prom was Friday night with all the related prep - oh my, I can only imagine what a future wedding might be for this girl. My oldest is in the midst of finals, and we'll bring her home from college next weekend. My third girl has lots going on with band (this is how I know it's May, and that we're near the end of the school year.) My second daughter is having a birthday bonfire next weekend too. And there's much more in the coming weeks....

I wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day! I'm so very blessed with having my four wonderful and quite crazy girls!! Never, ever, ever is life dull with them! Enjoy the day!!