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August is one big checklist....

August 22nd, 2010 at 06:13 am

Medical appointments - check!

Fall sports forms filled out and signed - check!

School supplies bought - check!

Each of the girls to the store for essentials for school - check!

Help my oldest get packed and ready for college - check!

Clean my in-laws basement level and clear out their closets - hey, not on my list, but what the heck, check and check!

Intense bout of 'clear the clutter' at our house - feels so good and check!

Haul my and my in-laws' clutter to the donation destination - yay and check!

Get ready to head north to camp and bring our daughter to college this week - crazy, but check!

Get husband to install new brakes and rotors on the second car heading north and distract his thoughts on why the heck the oldest needs to take so much stuff - check, check!

I think this is why I'm always so ready to have us all go back to school :-)

In financial news - we found out this week what my oldest is receiving for financial aid - not as much as last year, but it'll work out, as her living expenses will be a lot less (dorm last year vs. off-campus this year.) She also rented most of the textbooks online through Chegg, and the one book she couldn't find to rent was cheapest to buy through B&N. So we over halved her book costs this year. (We'll be geniuses by the time my youngest goes to college!)

With all of the school related purchases, I made a very concerted effort to reign in other areas of cost, and it worked....I should do it more often...

We've been eating through the cupboards and freezer, which were in great need of their own decluttering. I went to Sam's Club during their open house event earlier this month, and was impressed enough to buy a membership again (had one many years ago.) And since that shopping have only bought some produce and milk during the school shopping treks with the girls.

We've been so busy with our stuff and helping the in-laws (mom-in-law has been in her home for a week, with a slew of home-visiting nurses and therapists making it possible!) Low-key and -cost things are what we've been craving, like swimming at the beach, taking neighborhood walks or bike rides, and library visits for books and dvds. Time together always gets so precious when back to school is bearing down on us, esp. with my oldest heading back to college.

Scratch what I said above, I'm not ready to let go of summer quite yet;-)

Enjoy your day!

7 Responses to “August is one big checklist....”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    August is one of those busy months and it looks like you are very productive!! Great job on the decluttering.

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    The first five were on my list too! We are packing up our oldest for college who leaves this coming Saturday....any advice for a first time college mom? Smile

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    You can get an extra discount with B&N on top of that. Just go to the website mrrebates website. You have to get a free membership. Don't worry. There is no spam. If you want to shop at B&N or any other store, just log into mrrebates first. There is often an extra discount or rebate. Also, alibris dot com is another place to get really cheap books. I once bought a book for $1.99 plus about $1.00 shipping.

  4. LittleGopher Says:

    ccf - yes - nothing like the impending school year to set me off and running!

    cll - thank you, we'll look into both of your suggestions - always on the lookout for college savings in one form or another.

    pnw mom - How about a hug! Otherwise, believe that you've done your best job in raising your child and she has what she needs for a great first year away. You'll both do great!

  5. Jerry Says:

    I have read about that text rental program and wish that they had it over here where I am studying! It would lead to a ton of savings. You really do have insurance against paying more once you have been through a couple of semesters! Good luck this year...

  6. crazyliblady Says:

    How abut chegg? I read about it as an online textbook rental place.

  7. LittleGopher Says:

    Chegg worked great - we tried it for the first time for this semester, and only had to purchase the one book not available through them, which was cheapest through B&N. If there are no issues with sending back, this program could be our key to less expensive textbook costs.

    Her school doesn't offer a text rental program, which is the reason for our quest. Some of the colleges my second daughter is looking at run their own rental program or have one that is run by B&N right on campus (the wave of the future.) Also more and more e-texts are becoming available - not as cheap as rental, but less expensive than the physical books, especially on texts wanting to be kept.

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