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School's out for summer!!

June 10th, 2011 at 06:38 am

Whirlwind of activity lately! But school's out, and I'm very ready for summer to begin....

Got through graduation and birthday festivities for second daughter. We hosted a grad party for her last weekend, and it was fun to catch up with everyone and see the crazy grads together.

Oldest daughter has been home since last weekend to join us in all of the celebrating, and also squeezed in medical and dental appointments before she heads back to school on Sunday. She's attending the summer session and working on campus this summer, but took off a week from work before school starts.

I got to see the new place when I picked the oldest up. She and her friends made all of the arrangements, and were stressing a bit before the move-in. Details like old lease ends on the 31st and new one starts on the 1st, how to move stuff between places with no vehicles, transferring utility accounts - well, the four new roommates learned much in this move :-) It's a cute house, near the busline to the campus. All her stuff is moved in, except for the massive amount of laundry she came bearing home. Because of the quick change of her rooming situation last year, she made due with an inflatable mattress for her bed. A few patches here and there every so often, and the occasional hint of wishing for a REAL bed...well, she did live to tell the tale. But all good, and not so good, things come to an end, and she is now the proud owner of an inexpensive, very portable bed setup from Ikea. You'd think we'd given her a million dollars.

We're heading up to the college on Sun - daughter, her laundry and new bed, along with us and the trailer and camping gear, as we'll stay up for the week to visit her and help get her settled in the new place. Second girl won't be able to join us due to work (though may head up for a couple of the days mid-week.) Entering new territory as we add more jobs and school to the mix!

As you might imagine, distracted times lead to distracted spending. Nothing too horrible, but have had a bunch of unexpected expenses to deal with. I've made reference to our fading fleet of vehicles, well luckily, my newer Honda Odyssey is holding true. The other two older cars - all I can say is at least they are tag teaming the repairs! The Plymouth will be in the shop while we're gone - and fingers crossed we're making the right decision in its repair, rather than its demise. We are keeping a lookout for a replacement (toss up on whether the Plymouth or Olds go first - and it would be so nice if it wasn't at the same time!)

We've also had a resurgence of what was happening last year with my youngest health-wise, with the fainting. Not as often, and doctors feel it's still within an acceptable range. Last year, we were very lucky with no injuries, but this spring, she's hit her head (luckily a goose egg with no lasting effects) and did a direct hit onto to her shoulder (resulting in ortho dr visits and physical therapy sessions - and the insurance this year doesn't pay as well as in the past.) So frustrating to have a good run of seven months with no fainting, and then have it all start up again. I made contact with a mom whose daughter is going through a similar experience - she's more where we were last year - and she talked of program down at Mayo, so there may be hope yet. We are lucky to have so many medical resources available in the area, but in the end it comes down to eliminating what it isn't, and realizing how much is not known about the human body. Some days I'm better with patience than others, but I'm always searching for answers, and trying to keep life as normal as possible for her.

I guess the rest of it (finances included)luckily comes together on its automated way. We could be the poster family of "When thinking of the cost of raising kids, it's not about the diapers!" I always tell people, learn from us :-) Oh well, I figure my husband and I will have down pat the "tired" part of retire -ha!

Off to a running start today - picking up prescriptions, and getting my oldest driver's license renewed, and the library (desperate for books!)and maybe a haircut. And laundry, which I'll hang out if it doesn't rain, and grocery shopping for the camper. I better get to it! Take care!!

6 Responses to “School's out for summer!!”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    I was a frequent fainter as a teenager. Just outgrew it eventually. I do hope it is nothing, but know how dangerous it is (falling and hitting head).

    With age, I think a lot of it for me was just low blood pressure. I think when you go into the doctor and are nervous they don't realize necessarily. I have had two instances now in the hospital where they started to panic in the middle of the night at my low blood pressure. Whereas during the day no one ever told me, "OMG - your blood pressure is SO low." Low, yes, but nothing alarming. Seems to be part of the puzzle. But, beyond freaking out nurses in the middle of the night, and occasional fainting, I don't have any other health issues to report.

    I just share in case you get no answers - I do hope it is nothing.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Does your daughter have NCS?

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I had fainting spells, too, when I was thirteen and fourteen years old. Fell down the stairs once and gave myself a concussion. Learned to sit down hard if I felt one coming on, even if it meant on the floor. Lot less further to fall and rather a sore backside than another concussion. Mine was a combination of anemia and low blood sugar. Iron supplements and eating more frequently (including right upon arising I actually had to eat a couple of crackers before getting out of bed) eventually helped me work it out, but it was scary when we didn't know what was going on. As an adult I've only fainted twice, both due to other reasons, so I guess that counts as growing out of it. Hope you find the solution.

  4. My English Castle Says:

    My nephew was a fainter too--especially when he was growing very rapidly. Good luck with it--it does seem many kids grow out of it.
    School's out here too!

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    "I had fainting spells, too, when I was thirteen and fourteen years old."

    Gosh - think I Was the same age.

  6. Jerry Says:

    I just think it is really disturbing that health insurance companies are changing their coverages from year to year now, and increasing premiums while cutting back on service and coverage. I hope that your daughter grows out of this fainting situation, and that it leads to no lasting ill effects at all! Good luck...

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