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How fast and fleeting....

July 15th, 2011 at 07:11 am

...this summer is going! A friend and I have been meaning to get together all summer, and gosh, it's already half-way through July. So today we are meeting for coffee - finally!

Work continues on the clearing out project. We married in 1984, and bought our house in 1988. I'm kind of thinking the joke about moving often so as to not collect too much clutter rings very true :-) But there is progress, and another load will soon head out for donation.

A couple questions though - where can a limited edition signed print that shows decent value from a quick check on the internet be sold? Also, what about old (maybe antique)cameras and accessories? I have no experience with ebay, and is this even a very good economy to be selling in?

My husband did the work on the cars last weekend, and found more to do. The odyssey needs new brake pads (he can do) and an alignment (will schedule with the pros.) The accord needs a new serpentine belt, which he can do. The local auto store manager told us last week that he's has been beating old sales records of the past. Sales had been creeping up, and then he sold double last month from his highest ever record! Local shops and people are keeping their cars going for longer, I guess. I know it's true for us, and we're doing our part for his business!

Enjoy your day!!

2 Responses to “How fast and fleeting....”

  1. Jerry Says:

    The economy is having that effect on people's automotive habits, to be sure, and I think that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean, it is bad that the economy is in the toilet, but not that people are trying to be frugal again -- even if it only leads to a temporary change. There's just no insurance that people will have a long memory and continue to make wiser financial decisions once they start making more money again. Alas.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My DH buys and sells collectible cameras (broken or working) on ebay. Ebay is what he suggests.

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