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How do I spend my time....

August 20th, 2011 at 06:56 am

I have been continuing my cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering and financing:

- worked in my bedroom - went through MY stuff (working with husband on HIS this weekend) Nice to know that I'm set for "back to school" and everything is organized and in order for crazy mornings.

- finally finished my June project of our big attic - cleared out more to donate, boxed up what was being kept, and put most of it back in the attic (except for holiday, the next time most of the boxes leave is with the girls as they move to their own permanent places in the future.) The couple of boxes still in the hallway upstairs are the only ones left to go through, but they're out of the way, so will get to as I'm able.

- ran one load of donations gleaned from the above projects a couple weeks ago, and have another smaller load to go after the girls go through their stuff once more before school (though some of their clothes will go to Plato's Closet first to see if they will buy.) Except for what was unearthed in the attic, there has been less and less for donation in general - helps to be doing it a little more regular, I think.

- in anticipation of a small family reunion of my husband's side at our house, the girls and I did a pretty decent cleaning of most of the house. What didn't get done before the party has now gotten done after - my bedroom's closet, dressers, and underbed storage (except husband's part.) I also worked on cleaning the main floor's windows and treatments, and our bed's duvet and cover. We had beautiful weather this week, so out on the line it all went to dry in the fresh air and sun. Feeling really good about the state of the house, as in the summer we tend to run to the lake or get outside in some manner over doing anything beyond basic housekeeping! And then once school starts.... :-) (Ok, ok, I'll admit I'm a bit cleaning challenged. I grew up in a house that was so clean that when we did the spring and fall housekeeping it always felt we were cleaning a clean house, but we did it anyway! Now my house...well, I love it when it is clean, but I see it as a losing battle that I never seem to win, but always have to attend. Well, my mom must be beaming at me from heaven this week!)

- clearing out the dregs of our small chest freezer - always amazing what finds its way to the bottom. Have been able to stretch out the grocery shopping this summer a bit, which is good.....

- ...as we've had to start paying for the our second daughter's schooling this week! She's off to a great start - excited about classes and what's she's learning.

- oldest daughter received her financial aid notice, and for the first time her grants and scholarships add up to enough that we won't have her take out any student loans for her this year! We can easily cover the balance of tuition and fees. Her work-study covers her living expenses and books. Life is expensive, but good around here!

- the two younger girls started their fall sports with a vengeance - that signals summer's end more than anything! Third girl is a junior and cheering again this year (not enough people for a squad last year.) And youngest is a freshman and on the tennis team. The fees are outrageous, but the girls put some of their own earnings toward the costs.

- finally getting some tomatoes - the Big Girl has gone crazy, but the Sweet 100s are struggling (something's eating the leaves - we've had an invasion in our area of japanese beetles, but I haven't found any on the plant.)

- still eeking out more summer pursuits while we can. I'm hanging my laundry out, swimming in the lake, pulling weeds and watering the garden, taking walks with my husband at the nearby county park. The state and renaissance fairs are coming up - we'll see how finances hold out as we get closer. I think we'll be cleaning and closing up the tent trailer for the season - definitely didn't go camping as much as we had wanted, but there were other things we did get to do instead. There's always next year!

Better end this novel...enjoy your weekend!

5 Responses to “How do I spend my time....”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Very impressed with your accomplishments. Inspires me to get moving on my home projects and decluttering for the next garage sale and year end donations.

  2. laura (momcents) Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! You've been busy! And productive. My kids go back on Monday (half day, full day starting Tuesday). This will be the first time in 13 years that I'll have time to myself (kids are 1,2 4, 7, 8 grades) and rather than feel too sad about it, I'm growing the list of things to do/accomplish!

  3. littlegopher Says:

    Ha - it's only because I'm heading back as well with the kids!

    And frankly, with the girls older, I feel like I can actually manage some of it - finally. Before kids, I had a very simple and clean house - and while I wouldn't trade a moment of the chaos, it's been kind of nice to regain a little order once again...and I'm holding to the philosophy of better late than never, as my girls now range in age 14 to 21 Smile (Or maybe it's the philosophy of after all the chaos, even a little order seems to goes a long way...)

    Hey, if truth be told, you two moms insire me, as well as quite a few of the others here!! Go mom power - woot woot!

  4. HouseHopeful Says:

    Great accomplishments!

  5. Jerry Says:

    Wow, that is great news about how your daughter's financial aid will lead to covering all of the big stuff this year! That is a huge relief, I'm sure. I don't know what we will do my daughters are college age (they are 6 and 1)... will we have the insurance of federal aid at that point, or should I just help them get REALLY good at soccer? Smile Jerry

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