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Barreling through September

September 24th, 2011 at 06:54 am

Man, where does the time go?! I finished the third week of school, and all the kids I work with are settling into schedules for the most part. My own kids are off to a good start. The calendar is busy for the younger two girls with school and activities, but many of the sports end by mid-October. The older two are busy with their schools and lives too (oldest is away at college and second commutes to her school and lives at home.)

Part of the fading fleet of vehicles faded further. Our oldest car, which third daughter drives, needs some work that is beyond what my husband can do. Will bring it in later this morning to the auto shop - shouldn't be too outrageous, but given the age of the vehicle (20 yrs) there can always be more that needs repair - so fingers crossed!

Back into a regular grocery shopping mode with the start of school (I stretched out trips over the summer to clear out the pantry and freezer spaces a bit.) We're restocked pretty well for our fall/winter type of cooking and baking - hey, I switched out my warm-weather clothes for cool-weather...I guess it's the same for food in the kitchen Smile

A bit of nesting going on (blame it on the recent cold weather!) Bought a new shower curtain at Target and some fall scented candles at Michaels. Got some chocolate chips for baking, and we're on our fourth type of apple from the apple stand across the street from the school (we have a big surplus at the moment, so maybe a pie or crisp to remedy this.) A trip to the library later today. Copious supplies of tea and cocoa. Ready and raring for fall!!

I like the beginning of school schedule for the fact that I'm back to getting a paycheck and that there is not a lot of time to spend it! The stakes are a little higher this year with two post-secondary payments going out, but so far so good. My check also is covering the savings amount going to car replacement and vacation (smaller plans for this during "the college years" - what were we thinking with the spacing of our girls - yikes!) On the other hand the beginning of school brings many opportunities for check writing, or as my husband states, money hemorrhaging. But once again, we've survived another year to tell the tale!

Plans for today - after dropping off the car, a little baking, a little chili-making, a trip to the library, tidying up the gardens, and the first walk on the autumn trail at our nearby county park. The sun is shining, and highs into the 60s - as perfect a Fall day as ever! Enjoy your Saturday!!

1 Responses to “Barreling through September”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I like your husband's take on check writing (money hemorrhaging)!

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