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Winter Break That Never Ends...

January 6th, 2014 at 03:04 pm

...but my youngest and I are not minding one bit Smile School is closed again tomorrow, and we're relishing the extra time off.

I've got my discounted turkey in the oven - $.29/lb at Target at the end of last week. I saw a gal with a whole cart full!

Otherwise, enjoying time to get the house back in order and clear out the excess (made a last minute donation run on the 31st, and there's already a start to another pile!) Did some online financial doings yesterday - bills all paid or scheduled for the month, and monies shifted to savings. I love the holidays and the busyness, but I also love the getting back to normal!

Looking forward to a warm meal in my cozy house, maybe watch a movie with my girls while working on my winter punchneedle project, and then cuddle in with my library book, before further burrowing myself under the blankets for the night. A good winter's night!! Stay warm!

2 Responses to “Winter Break That Never Ends...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    It does feel that way...never ending! My girls are actually a little disappointed there is no school again tomorrow, but I'm fine being home. Like you, I'm getting some organizing done, but relaxing at the same time. Wishing you warm thoughts!

  2. writing help Says:

    Holidays are liked by everyone, but it's very difficult to live in such a rhythm and soon you just want to return to the usual routine of the day.

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